After a little turmoil in my life, I’m back and will resume some kind of service.

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  1. cemanuel says:

    Hello Tony, Paul Gans & I were wondering where you’d gotten yourself to. I didn’t realize it was the UK.

    Curt Emanuel

  2. admin says:

    Long time no speak! Yes, I’ve been back in the UK since about 2005 after 6 months in Helsinki. Where online do you guys hang out these days? Is it still s.h.m or is Usenet just too last century?

    — Tony

  3. cemanuel says:

    Sorry I’m so late getting back (for some reason I thought I had). SHM is a train wreck lately – the religious groups seem to have taken over. I just check it every week or two to see what’s happening. I spend most of my online time with my blog:

    Just got back from K’zoo. I’m now officially broke with the book purchases so I guess I’ll just have to stay home and read.

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