The European Union

This is a topic where Liberal Democrat thinking and policy is widely misunderstood, so over the next few days, I want to write a series of entries covering aspects of this.  If I get the time, I want to cover:

  • How the EU actually works.  The press and politicians have colluded in demonising the EU, so exposing the myths is important to our case for Europe.
  • How liberal principles apply to thinking about the EU.  In particular, the tension between internationalism and political liberalism is important as they tend to push things in opposite directions.  I don’t mean to imply that personal, economic and social liberalism are irrelevant to the EU, but I think their impact on our thinking is more obvious.
  • What our policies towards Europe and its various institutions are.  Again, I think exposing the myth of blind belief in the EU is important.
  • How The Coalition impacts our ability to reform the EU.  In particular, how eurosceptic are the Conservatives and in what areas will this euroscepticism help or hinder reform.

I suspect I might bounce around these topics as I think they are deeply intertwined.  This will also be a bit of a learning exercise for me: though I have fairly strong views on Europe, I have never applied any liberal (or other) political thinking to these views.

Right, I’d better start writing the first one!

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