After a little experimentation, I’ve discovered I can improve many of the earlier photos I took. In particular, those I uploaded for the first two “travel” posts were taken when I couldn’t drive my camera properly – it is, after all, more intelligent than me.

Below are two of the “after” images:

Lake Henshaw - after cropping and clean-up using GIMP

Lake Henshaw - after cropping and clean-up

Badlands, after cropping and clean-up with GIMP

Badlands - after cropping and clean-up

Though somewhat too blue, I also like this one:

A desert mountain

A desert mountain

Once I get home and have access to geek-central (rather than this archaic, steam-powered work laptop), I’ll clean up all the stuff I took over last weekend. You never know, there may be a couple more usable photos.

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