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A brief history of Tony

I was born in Durham, but have never lived there. Most of my childhood was spent swapping between Cheshire and Warwickshire as my dad’s job moved.

I went to university in Bristol and have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and I have ICL to thank for sponsoring me.

After university, I worked for ICL in West Gorton in Manchester, designing mainframes. Then I moved to Austin, Texas in 1995, working first for Ross Technology designing a 64-bit SPARC processor and then for Intel working on XScale processors (the most successful of which is the PXA270 family, which appeared in many mobile devices).

In 2004/2005, I persuaded my boss to relocate me back to the UK (via six months in Helsinki which I loved). Since then, I worked for Broadcom in Cambridge on their VideoCore products and I now work for ARM, again in Cambridge, working on next generation processors.

I think this makes me a techo-geek! But outside of work, I am interested in science-fiction, swimming, photography, role-playing, history (particularly the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods), genealogy, politics, rugby (I am an avid Sale Sharks fan), beer (real of course!) and generally having fun.

If you are into things Anglo-Saxon, you can find my electronic edition of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle here though I doubt I can complete it in my lifetime. I have also made the complete corpus of Anglo-Saxon peotry available here though this is no longer maintained by me.

Political Views

As is probably clear from my posts, I am a Liberal Democrat. As is also probably clear, I am in the Orange Book wing of the party.

I am also the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Somersham Ward of Huntingdonshire District Council in the May 2011 elections.

Policy interests:

  • Energy policy. How to transition to a zero-carbon energy supply.
  • Healthcare. How to get a patient-centric, clinician-led service that is measured on outcome and experience, providing whole-of-life care.
  • Social mobility and benefit reform. How to remove poverty and ignorance traps.
  • Strengthening communities. “Big Society” but done properly! This isn’t about volunteerism but rather, it is about social interaction.

Contact Information

I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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